UK copyright protection is accorded automatically to a work upon creation, provided it is the result of independent effort, you do not need to apply for protection, indeed  there is no system for registration of copyright in the UK. You can use the copyright symbol ©, together with your name and the year of creation, but the protection of your work is not affected if it is not marked.

Copyright provides the owner with the right to prevent others from copying the work or a substantial part of it, as well as related acts such as distributing, lending and renting copies, including via the internet, or adapting the work.

Copyright exists for a substantial period of time, from 25 to 70+ years, depending on the nature of the right. As with all intellectual property rights, you can maximise the value of your copyright through licensing.

Works protected by copyright in the UK are usually, though not invariably, protected overseas by international convention. However, in some jurisdictions, such as China and the USA your rights must be registered in order to enforce these against third parties.

Our attorneys can provide advice in connection with all aspects of copyright, including commissioning of designers, proprietorship, infringement, licensing, sales and acquisition.

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