Virtually all machines, products and processes (including computer programs), and individual parts of them, are patentable provided they are new, inventive and capable of industrial application.

A patent confers a considerable commercial advantage, allowing the proprietor to prevent competitors exploiting the patented invention for up to 20 years, which often exceeds the commercial life of the invention.


A prominent trade mark can be a company’s most valuable single asset, guaranteeing both the quality and source of the company’s goods and services, and, unlike other forms of Intellectual Property, trade mark registrations can last indefinitely.


The owner of a registered design is provided with an exclusive right to make, import and deal in products made to the design and are entitled to prevent copying of the design by third parties.


UK copyright protection is accorded automatically to a work upon creation provided it is the result of independent effort. There is no system for the registration of copyright in the UK.

Copyright can protect a variety of works including, but not limited to, literary dramatic, artistic and musical pieces.  However, it is not necessary for a work to be novel or have any aesthetic value to qualify for protection, for example, catalogues, website content, engineering drawings and technical descriptions may all qualify.


Whatever the size of a client’s commercial operation they may benefit from an IP Health check, through which we can help identify areas of opportunity or risk.


We are able to conduct freedom to operate and pre-filing searches to identify relevant existing registered rights in respect of patents, trade marks and designs.


BRYERS provides a full maintenance fee monitoring and payment service for its clients. Fees are paid directly to the relevant authorities; the UK Intellectual Patent Office, the European Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Office.  We also have a large network of local agents who assist us with the payment of renewal fees in other jurisdictions.

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