IP Health Check & Due Diligence

Whatever the size of a client’s commercial operation they may benefit from an IP Health Check, through which we can help identify the assets already owned, areas of opportunity for augmenting protection, and potential risks.

We have particular experience in helping clients put in place processes to identify valuable Intellectual Property and techniques to assist in decision making whether to protect that Intellectual Property.  We are also able to supply patent, design, trade mark and company search services which can form an important part of identifying and evaluating Intellectual Property assets.

As well as being an important tool in keeping a company’s Intellectual Property portfolio up to date, there are specific times at which it is particularly appropriate to evaluate the company’s by carrying out an IP Health Check, in particular, if a company valuation is required.  If these assets are not identified and the need for protection assessed it can result in under valuation of the company.

Due diligence checks are a vital part of major business events such as mergers, acquisitions, business sales and floatation on the stock market.  If considering purchasing IP from another company or a business as a whole it is imperative our client knows what IP exists and what it protects, and whether there are any validity or infringement risks associated with the claimed rights, in order that the appropriate value if afforded to the rights.

We can also advise on issues surrounding ownership of intellectual property developed internally or as a result of sub-contracted work, and implementing mitigation strategies.